Violin, viola and cello lessons for children age 3 - 18

Our Program

Violin, viola and cello lessons for children age 3 to 18

Our program, which takes place after school from September through June, follows the internationally recognized Suzuki curriculum.  All students learn the same pieces, starting with variations on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and moving slowly into more difficult works, each carefully chosen piece serving as a building block for future learning. Upon enrollment, each student is evaluated and placed in an appropriate level by the Director of the school. 

Eurhythmics for 2- and 3-year-olds

HRSM offers a program especially for two- and three-year-olds, which starts with one semester (16 weeks) of Eurhythmics/Introduction to Note Reading. In this class, students become familiar with the early vocabulary of note reading while learning to respond to the tempo, dynamics, texture and style of music through physical movement.  During the second semester, we add a group violin class for three-year-olds and their parents.

Older beginners (four years old and up) also attend Eurhythmics/Introduction to Note Reading and a weekly 30-minute group playing class, as well as a weekly private lesson. 

Parents participate in these classes, receiving separate instruction in order to share in the musical experience and help their children at home.


Intermediate Level

Intermediate students attend a weekly private lesson and a weekly 30-minute group playing class. Group classes, which teach children how to participate in a musical team, are an important part of the Suzuki experience.  Through group experiences and musical games, students learn how to follow a conductor, work on a common sound, and achieve accurate pitch, dynamics, phrasing and style.

Starting in second grade, students also take a weekly 30-minute reading class. In addition to teaching the basics of music notation and theory, these classes help students perfect their ensemble playing skills.

Advanced Level

Advanced students attend a weekly private lesson and play in a chamber ensemble, such as a quartet or trio, once a week. Chamber music requires students to cooperate on the rhythmic characteristics of a piece, perfect their pitch, and contribute to the musical shape of a work. 


Performing is an essential part of the Suzuki experience.  Twice a year, HRSM students gather for a concert to play all levels of Suzuki repertoire. One of those events is the End of the Year Concert, which includes a concerto played by graduating senior students. The chamber ensembles also perform twice a year, and all HRSM students perform solos twice a year.  In addition, teachers recommend students to participate in informal monthly concerts, which helps them become comfortable performing for an audience.  All recital performances are accompanied by a professional pianist.